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OzWeb Web Design Service and Pricing

As OzWeb, we provide 100% professional web design services for corporate websites, personal sites, news sites, and blogs. Our web design fee is all-inclusive at 200 EUR. This package includes the following services:

(Clicking on any of the listed services below will direct you to a detailed information section about that service.)

  • Domain Fee
  • Hosting Fee (Be Sure to Check Hosting Details)
  • Custom Professional Web Design and Coding Service
  • Installation and Configuration of Necessary Plugins
  • 100% On-Site SEO Settings
  • Acquisition of SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Email Creation
  • Site Security Settings
  • Adding Your Company Address to Google Maps
  • Registration to Google Services
  • Editing of All Required Images

Moreover, we provide free technical support for all kinds of issues within the first month. If you are not satisfied with the design within this month, we can create new designs for you until you are completely satisfied.


Payment Options

You can deposit the web design fees into the account number that will be provided to you. (Please contact us to obtain the account number.)

We would also like to mention that, having been in this business for years and being familiar with the market, we prefer to receive the costs of the domain, hosting, and SSL certificate paid for the site in advance. The remaining payment must be made within 1 week from the date of delivery of the site. Otherwise, the site will be deleted. (Detailed information about the domain, hosting, and SSL certificate is provided below.)

Finally, there is no room for negotiation in the all-inclusive price of 200 EUR that we provide.


Site Delivery Time

Once you have made the advance payment for the site order and provided the necessary information (the type of site you want, your company’s address, contact information, your promotions, etc.), your site will be delivered within 1 week.


Service Descriptions



Domains are the site addresses typed into the browser. For example, is our domain name. You can think of this as a kind of name right for the site.

The renewal cost of domains, i.e., domain registration fees, is around $10-15 annually for reliable companies worldwide. We cover this cost for you and track the renewal periods.



All files uploaded to websites are stored on large and powerful computers anywhere in the world. Getting hosting services is essentially renting space on these computers. It is renewed annually.

Hosting fees vary depending on the features of your hosting package. Parameters such as the GB of space you rent, the GB of traffic the server allows in real-time, whether the hard drive is HDD or SSD, email service, and the amount of GB of RAM you can use determine the hosting fee.

In the most reliable hosting companies, you can get limited hosting services for an average of $50 annually. However, we provide hosting services where you can use unlimited space. In other words, we cover more than what you would get by paying $50 annually.

You can find the specifications of the server we use for hosting below.

Usage Area (in GB): Unlimited

Hard Drive Type: SSD

SSD means faster loading pages. Fast-loading pages provide a good user experience and help your site rank higher on search engines like Google.

Instant Traffic (in GB): Unlimited

Its infrastructure can handle thousands of visitors simultaneously.

Email: Unlimited

You can use an unlimited number of email addresses ending with For example, for, you can use email addresses like or, as many as you want.

RAM: 2x4GB


Professional Web Design and Coding Service

Includes services such as designing, coding, and organizing your site according to your needs. Just tell us what kind of site you want, and we’ll take care of the rest with years of experience and professionalism.

Installation and Configuration of Necessary Plugins


We install and configure all the plugins your website needs for security, SEO, and user-friendliness according to your needs. We provide this service for free, although it is normally a paid service.

100% On-Site SEO Settings


SEO is the optimization process done to rank on the first page of search engines like Google. You may see companies charging high amounts for this service when you search online. We provide this service for you at no extra cost.

Obtaining SSL Certificate


An SSL certificate is a certificate that proves a site is secure. Websites with an SSL certificate appear in the browser as “https://…” and have a green “Secure” label. On the other hand, websites without this certificate start with “http://…” and have a “Not Secure” label. To obtain an SSL certificate, you need to have a reliable site that complies with all standards. There is also an annual fee of around $10-15 for the SSL certificate, and this cost is included in our prices.

Unlimited E-mail


As mentioned in the hosting details, you can have unlimited email addresses in the format … If you tell us the email address you want to use, we will create as many email addresses as you need and deliver them to you.

Site Security Settings


One thing that sets us apart from other web design companies in the market is that we also handle all the necessary security settings when creating websites. This way, you won’t encounter any issues such as theft or closure of your site. Additionally, you ensure the security of your visitors.

Adding Your Business to Google Maps


If your company is new or for any reason your business address has not been added to Google Maps, we will add it for you. This way, your customers can easily find your address using maps and navigation.

Since the approval process for an address added to Google Maps is uncertain, your address may not appear on Google Maps as soon as you take over the site. Google first researches the location added to the map to confirm it. After this research period, your address is approved and added to Google Maps.

Registration to Google Services


We register your website with all the Google services you need to see your site’s location, Google indexes, and statistics. This way, you can access information such as how many people visited your site and which pages were visited more, free of charge through these services.

Editing Images


If you haven’t sent us any images to be used on the site or made any requests in this regard, we prepare and edit all the necessary images for your site with our excellent Photoshop skills. Additionally, we provide this service, which could be charged separately, to you for free.


Annual Renewal Fee

Some of the services mentioned above require annual payments independent of us. These service fees are included in our web design package, and you do not need to make any additional payments. However, after the first year, renewal is required every year.

Services that require annual renewal include domain, hosting, SSL certificate, and some plugins, and the annual payments for these services are in dollars. In recent times, with the increase in the value of the dollar, the cost of these services has also increased.

Roughly estimating, you would need to pay a minimum of $50 for hosting, $10 for a domain, and $10 for an SSL certificate, making a total minimum annual payment of $70 in dollars. As mentioned, these are independent fees, and the expiration dates of the services are monitored by us. Therefore, we charge you an annual fee of $70 USD (60 EUR) for renewal.

If, after one year, you do not want to pay us any fees and prefer to pay for services such as hosting, domain, SSL on your own, we can send you the site files and database information for free. This way, you can cover all expenses by making an agreement with a company that provides “hosting transfer service.”



If you would like to receive web design services from Ozen Web Tasarım, you can reach us using the contact information below.


Phone: +90 552 882 08 78